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  • 3 Reasons Why Business Travel is so Important
3 Reasons Why Business Travel is so Important
28 October 2016

In this modern and fast-paced day and age where mobile phones and video conferencing are so easily accessible, the need for business travel is questioned by some. Many companies view business travel as an expense and fail to see the benefits it brings – but there are many reasons why business travel is important. Here are some of them:

Closing business deals
When it comes to closing business deals, face-to-face meetings are very important. Research found that the rate of converting prospects to actual customers almost doubles when the meeting is done in person. Some companies don’t sign large contracts without a face-to-face meeting between company leaders, so business travel is essential if you want to increase the amount of business deals being closed.

Travelling is a good way of getting the chance to meet people that you wouldn’t interact with by sitting in your office. Networking can take several forms – striking up a conversation with a complete stranger on a plane or in a restaurant and finding synergies between your businesses, or visiting an existing customer and meeting with new contacts who could potentially help to expand your company’s footprint. Business travel allows you to uncover new opportunities that wouldn’t arise otherwise.

One of the biggest reasons why business travel is important is that it fosters interaction. Face-to-face meetings can help to increase and improve communication, reduce misunderstandings, create a feeling of team spirit, and also show clients that you are motivated and invested in their success.  Meeting in person allows people to discuss their goals in depth and be able to build a productive relationship that could not happen through a conference call or online communication.

Although technology is incredibly useful and important for business success, it should not be a main substitute for interacting with customers and colleagues. Business travel creates new opportunities and bring several benefits to your company.

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