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Are You a Leader or a Follower? Part 2 22 March 2017

In the words of the sixth President of the United States, John Quincy Adams, ‘If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.’ Indeed, it’s not even prerequisite to have people reporting to you to be a leader. A blue-collar worker can influence people and lead just as effectively as a CEO. As promised, Forbesfone wanted to provide you with an extended list of important questions that will define whether you can classify yourself as a Leader or

4 Tips for Successful International Conference Calls 21 March 2017

It goes without saying that face-to-face meetings are extremely ideal, but when it comes to business, international conference calls are the next best thing. Technology has come a long way and having such conferences is not only super easy, but also far more efficient and productive than spending long hours travelling.

Are You a Leader or a Follower? Part 1 21 March 2017

…And if you’re an entrepreneur, are you keeping au courant with social media trends and everything else that should be learned? Being the business-minded people we are here at Forbesfone, we thought it was a great idea to pose a very frequently asked question within the workplace: Do you consider yourself a Leader or a Follower? To determine whether you should be pigeonholed into the Leader or Follower category and of course, to answer this thought-provoking question, you must consider a handfu

Nokia 8: The Lowdown 21 March 2017

Despite the range of phones launched at the MWC last month, there was still one left; the Android-run Nokia 8, rumoured for launch June, 2017.

How Would Your PERFECT Travel Partner Be? 14 March 2017

Better alone than badly accompanied. That age old adage which speaks volume of truths even today. When it comes to travelling, this saying holds an even deeper significance

7 Useful Tips to Beat those Monday Blues 13 March 2017

Ughh… it’s Monday again. Does that cry of dread sound familiar? Does the start of your workweek activate overwhelming feelings of anxiety, sadness, or stress? Do you lack passion and motivation on Monday morning? Are you sluggish or tense? If you’re nodding vehemently in agreement, you quite possibly have a serious case of the Monday Blues.

After the Nokia 3310: Here are the mobile phones we’d LOVE to see. 10 March 2017

After the Nokia 3310, we're hoping other mobile brands will take a leaf out of Nokia’s book and relaunch their own versions of everyone’s favourite models.

The Secret to Using Your Time Astutely by Prioritizing Your Goals 08 March 2017

Riddle me this: what can fly without wings? Time. Sure, sometimes it flies, at times it crawls, but it always passes inexorably. Time is so indispensably entangled in the textile of our being that it's even difficult to perceive it as a self-governing unit, and when we try, the result is less than helpful.

Forbesfone: Your Solution To Simpler Roaming And Zero Bills 07 March 2017

You might have heard it on the news or seen it trending on Twitter: the EU moves to abolish roaming in Europe. Great news, right? Not exactly. Here's how Forbesfone can help rest every roaming fear at rest - with or without abolishment laws.

How to Make Business Travel Less Stressful – Part 1 06 March 2017

Traveling is awesome, but when business is added to the equation, stress tends to squeeze into it too. Of course, eliminating stress completely would be quite a feat, but there are definitely things you can do to help reduce it:

How to Make Business Travel Less Stressful – Part 2 06 March 2017

Business travel can be stressful; there’s no surprise there – but as we mentioned in part 1, there are ways to reduce it. So far, we’ve already listed suggestions such as ideal travel times, durations, and how to make use of your jet lag. Here are a few more ways that can help to eliminate some of the stress that business travel might bring with it:

We Have Great News for the Die-Hard Blackberry Fans! 28 February 2017

TCL launches new-fangled smartphone under BlackBerry's brand, featuring Android software

4 Ways Millennials are Reshaping the Business Travel Industry 27 February 2017

There’s no doubt that business travel is highly beneficial for several reasons, and it seems that millennials are changing the way it’s done and giving it a new meaning. Here are a few ways millennials are reshaping the business travel industry:

7 Reasons Good Employees Quit Their Job 22 February 2017

A good employee is a terrible thing to waste. While we acknowledge that an employee is indeed a person not a thing, you probably got the gist of our twist on the adage. When a company loses a great employee, it’s definitely not doing something right.

What to expect from the Mobile World Congress 2017 22 February 2017

This year’s MWC held at Barcelona will start on the 27th of February until the 3rd of March and promises to be quite the event.

Why people are so excited about the rumoured return of the Nokia 3310 17 February 2017

After the news of a rumoured return of the Nokia 3310 went viral, we looked into why people took this up so quickly - and seem so excited by it.

5 Signs of Business Travel Burnout and How to Overcome Them 16 February 2017

It’s perfectly understandable that frequent travelling can get tiring, especially if you’re trying to juggle business meetings, other work-related duties, and personal commitments. There are certain signs that indicate that you may be getting burnt out, and there are also ways to overcome it. Here are some signals to look out for:

Travelling With Colleagues: 6 Dos and Don’ts 16 February 2017

We’ve decided to write down a couple of pointers we feel can help you overcome travel hiccups when you’re flying with colleagues.

Forget the Importance of IQ… We’re Living in an Age of EQ Part 2 14 February 2017

Here at Forbesfone, we believe in the importance of EQ because we think it’s a character building trait for any employee, boss or aspiring entrepreneur. So, as promised we’re going to provide you with an extended version of what constitutes in having a healthy EQ, which will not only better your outlook and approach to work, but your life in general.

Forget the Importance of IQ… We’re Living in an Age of EQ Part 1 14 February 2017

When emotional intelligence (EQ) made its appearance to the multitudes, it served as the absent link in an unusual finding: people with normal IQs outdo those with the highest IQs 70% of the time. This incongruity threw a huge wrench into the broadly held hypothesis that IQ was the singular foundation of success. Years of studies now pay tribute to EQ as being the crucial factor that sets star players apart from the rest of the flock. The linking is so solid that 90% of top performers have high

How to be the traveller everyone wants to be friends with. 13 February 2017

We’re going to list a couple of things we’ve noticed on our travels in people who emit good vibes and consequently attract more people

Great News for the Sleepy Heads! 06 February 2017

Well, who would have thought! Let’s face it, the poor snooze button does tend to have a bad reputation. People who use it are often branded as lazy and perhaps apathetic, and many believe that getting those additional ten minutes every morning can seriously wreck your circadian rhythms. Sounds like Chinese? Well, in layman’s terms, circadian rhythms are physical, mental and behavioural changes that follow a roughly 24-hour sequence, responding principally to light and darkness in a person’s envi

Why having a Dual SIM phone is the perfect solution for every traveller. 06 February 2017

Travellers (including yours truly) have already discovered the fantastic advantages of having dual SIM phones. One slot for your local SIM, another slot for your travel SIM - without requiring complicated SIM changes. Still not convinced? Read on!

The Importance and Benefits of Keeping a Routine 03 February 2017

Although some people view routine as stifling and mundane, keeping at least a basic one is actually highly beneficial in several different aspects of both work and life in general. Even if you travel often, sticking to some form of routine will help you to stay focused and reduce stress. Here are some of the main benefits of following a routine:

The most anticipated mobile phones of 2017 03 February 2017

Here’s what to expect from the biggest names in the mobile world in 2017.

10 Habits you need to Ditch for Maximum Productivity in the Workplace 30 January 2017

When it comes to any job, everyone would agree that productivity is key. This concept cannot be more apt when working at a desk for your 9-5 job, since at times it might verge on the mundane. It’s so common to get caught in the snare of wanting to lots of much work that instead, we end up being our own enemy and curtail our output with certain behaviours.

7 Must-Have Tech Gadgets for Business Travel 27 January 2017

Everyone has a personal list of travel essentials that they can’t do without, and if you’re a frequent business traveller, you’d know that certain gadgets and accessories are crucial for entertainment, security, and other purposes too. Forbesfone has put together a few useful gadgets to add to your list:

How to Declutter your Desk in 10 Easy Steps 24 January 2017

Clutter can really bog you down and negatively influence the way you work. If you're the type of person who’s disorganized by nature, you’ll probably agree that everything seems to compete for your attention. This in turn, makes it hard to get work done, moreover it can have repercussions on people’s perceptions of your professionalism. Before resorting to cries of desperation or hair tearing tantrums we have some heartening news for you – Forbesfone has (yet again) come to the rescue. We’ve dec

6 ways Google Flights is putting confidence back in travel planning 20 January 2017

When you’re pressing the “Book Now” button on a couple of flight tickets, have you ever felt that moment of unease, when you think to yourself, ‘but have I really purchase the cheapest tickets? Did I look hard enough?’ This one's for you

The Best 4 Ways to Use Your Frequent Flyer Points 20 January 2017

Everyone loves a good bargain, and when it comes to travelling, there’s nothing like taking advantage of frequent flyer points. Forbesfone has listed 4 of the best ways to use your points rather than cashing them in:

12 Habits Every Entrepreneur Should Master 17 January 2017

Effective and successful entrepreneurship involves a problem-solving mindset. But real success goes far beyond having an impact on people’s lives and leaving a legacy. Many international challenges need pioneering solutions that, will undoubtedly be solved by entrepreneurs. Reputable industries like health care, education, and alternative energy are disposed to disruption. This creates copious opportunities for those who want to up their game and become the next Bill Gates.

Forbesfone’s New Year’s Travel Resolutions 17 January 2017

Whether you’re a serious hard core traveller or whether you’re the type to just travel once a year, a new year is a great chance to look back on where you’ve been and where you’d like to go.

How is Forbesfone a BETTER SIM? 17 January 2017

We’re giving you all the reasons we believe Forbesfone was and still is the better travel SIM you could have.

DELAYS and how to survive them, by Forbesfone 13 January 2017

Travel delays don’t have to turn into a tragedy. On the contrary, our advice to you is “Make the most of it!”

How to Make Money While You’re Sleeping… 13 January 2017

Gone are the days where we had to be vigilant about not getting into debt because of interest charges. Nowadays, business has evolved in such a way that you can actually make money while you sleep! Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?

Mac vs Windows laptop: Is it time for a switch? 12 January 2017

Gorgeous as it is, the sad reality is that the new MacBook Pro costs an arm and a leg, and isn’t necessarily within everyone’s reach, budget-wise. So Forbesfone decided to decode the age-old conundrum: is it better to switch from a Mac to a Windows?

Travel more with Forbesfone’s easy tricks 10 January 2017

Travelling: it’s the only thing we all can never get enough of, a” luxury – become – basic – need” we all strive to include more of in our daily lives. The hitch? It’s not as easy as going out for a jog, or buying that dress you’ve been eyeing in the shop window

The Top 6 Travel Destinations for 2017 06 January 2017

It’s a new year; a fresh new book to start writing awesome stories in – and how better to do that than by travelling? Forbesfone has come up with a list of the top 6 destinations across the globe to consider for your travels in 2017:

When is the best time to book flights? 05 January 2017

Forbesfone has scoured the web for you, taking averages and double checking statistics so you can find all you need when it comes to booking your flight right here.

The latest in mobile news: January ed. 04 January 2017

New year, new projects, plans and rumours to dive into. Here’s the latest from the mobile world.

Cheaper than the Galaxy S7, still as powerful: Samsung A7, A5, A3 launched! 03 January 2017

What if you could have a phone which still has the key features of the S7 and the S7 edge models, but comes with a smaller price tag?

New Year, New Challenges, New Goals 03 January 2017

Let’s be realistic: there’s nothing magical about the New Year, except if we decide to make it so. That’s why Forbesfone, wanted to give you a few pointers on ways to kick off the New Year with a Bang. It’s always kind of an anti-climax when the festivities and family gatherings end. The decorations are put away, parties and gift giving ceases, and there’s no more decadent food. The New Year offers an optimistic, gleaming opportunity to start on a tabula rasa: making a fresh start and setting ne

Must-Buy Travel Gizmos for 2017 22 December 2016

This article is dedicated to all you technophiles out there. On second thought, let us rephrase: It’s dedicated to all of you who appreciate commodity and convenience in your overall life and travels! Here at Forbesfone, we wanted to give you some pointers on our top list of tech savvy gadgets we think you should invest in when going abroad. So make sure you’re packing at least one or two things in your 2017 travels.

New Leaks for 2017’s Samsung Galaxy S8 20 December 2016

Following Samsung’s disastrous experience with the Samsung Note 7, it is now rumoured that the Samsung Galaxy S8’s launch will be delayed.

The Differences Between First Class and Business Class 20 December 2016

If you’re a frequent traveller, whether for business, leisure, or adventure, you might be wondering whether or not it’s worth upgrading from business class to first class.

3 Common Business Travel Booking Mistakes (And How to Avoid Them) 16 December 2016

There are lots of perks and benefits that come with business travel, but there are also a number of confusions that may crop up along the way too. To save yourself from any mishaps, here are three commonly-made business travel mistakes, and how you can avoid them:

Strange Christmas traditions around the world 16 December 2016

Christmas is upon us, a great time to be generous, merry and - why not – just a bit weird

Money Saving Tips that Guarantee you’ll stick to your Christmas Budget 15 December 2016

Are you tired of the usual “I’m skint!” January mantra? Fret not, Forbesfone has come to the rescue to help you avoid that sinking feeling of being broke to the bone after the festive season. Granted, Christmas is getting closer but there's still time for you to plan on saving some cash before your manic shopping spree in all the hustle and bustle. We’ll show you how to plan your shopping without making your credit card or bank account cry…

5 Tips and Tricks for the Holiday Traveller 07 December 2016

Taking a trip for your Christmas holidays? Travelling at this time of the year is truly magical – but it can also get slightly crazy. Here are some useful tips for travelling during Christmastime:

10 Things We Hate About The Travelling World. 05 December 2016

We know everyone hates the complainer on travels but sometimes, things just go a little too far...

5 Shopping Hacks That Will Make Christmas Gift Hunting A Walk in The Park 05 December 2016

Forbesfone is also in Christmas Spirit mode, which is why we wanted to dedicate this post to all of you frantic shoppers out there, because as much as we know you love gift giving, we acknowledge how much of a headache hunting for the perfect gift is.

Nokia set for a comeback early next year – and it will run on Android. 02 December 2016

If you’ve just re-read the title to see whether you had read it correctly, then you’re not alone

Perfect Holiday Destinations to Visit this Christmas – Part II 30 November 2016

It’s happening - Christmas is just around the corner, meaning everyone is hyped up with shopping and decorating for the big celebrations. If you’re planning a last-minute holiday, check out these great destinations that perfectly encompass the wonderful feeling of Christmas during the festive season.

The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide for the Avid Technophile 29 November 2016

Once again, the gift-giving season is upon us. The shopping started earnestly with Black Friday and more recently Cyber Monday, and will no doubt govern your every time off work or the daily hustle and bustle up until Christmas morning. Of course, Forbesfone wanted to make things simpler for you by sharing a useful list of gift recommendations for the avid technophile. The following list of ideal gadget gifts is one that any techie would relish. So, before wracking your brain as to what to buy f

The Smartphone for the serious Photographer is (finally) here. 25 November 2016

We’ve seen smartphone manufacturers putting focus on the camera of their phones, drawing emphasis on its superior quality when compared to other phones on the market. Have they really cracked it though? According to Kodak – not quite. Enter Ektra.

Perfect Holiday Destinations to Visit this Christmas – Part I 23 November 2016

With just one month until Christmas, the world is all brightly lit and decorated, with cheerful music all around – not to mention the tempting sales! If you’re thinking of booking a trip to celebrate this Christmas in a special way, Forbesfone has whipped up a list of the best holiday destinations to go to.

The OnePlus 3T. What’s new? 23 November 2016

Barely months from the launch of the OnePlus 3, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer OnePlus, has surprised us once again by showing us that things can still be done differently – and can be succesful.

How to Tread the Awkward Territory of Salary Negotiation 22 November 2016

When it comes to salary negotiation, it’s always an awkward path to tread on, even if it’s with a boss who’s been your mentor for a while. It's particularly daunting when it's a job you just landed, which also happens to be the job of your dreams. Generally, the rule of thumb for salary negotiation is to use your skills and experience as leverage. But what happens if you’re a recent graduate, a newbie to the job market who doesn’t have the sufficient experience and tools to do so? How do you mak

SiGMA – A melting (jack)pot of opportunities 21 November 2016

The SiGMA week (or how many of us refer to it as THAT week in November) is over and we’re back at our offices to wade through new contacts made and trying to remember every discussion we’ve had

5 Important Traits that Make a Great Leader 18 November 2016

Being a boss is a tough job, and while management and leadership skills come naturally to some people, being in control can be scary. What if you’re too lenient? What if you’re overbearing? A boss is the primary reason for employees to either love or leave their jobs, so here are some important traits that make a fantastic leader:

5 helpful Tricks to help you get up on time 16 November 2016

Let’s take a wild guess. Your mornings resemble a scene like this: the alarm blasts, you instantly hit snooze. Alarm blasts once again and you hit snooze. Again. Then, once you’ve looked at the clock to realize that you’re absurdly late, you jump out of bed in a dazed yet frantic panic, spray some dry shampoo through your hair and jet out the door – not sure if you’ve left the bathroom light on or not. Apart from potentially ruining your morning, hitting snooze can interfere with your sleep qual

The latest in Mobile News 16 November 2016

The most recent news to hit our small screens!

Top 3 Powerful Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs 14 November 2016

Running a business isn’t easy – it is a journey filled with challenges, ups and downs, and lessons that will force you to fight for your success, but it’s also extremely rewarding.

How to Ace a Job Interview Part 2 07 November 2016

In our previous blog post, we decided to share with you some essential tips to keep in mind before and during an important job interview, to ensure you land that dream job. As promised, we decided to give you, our loyal Forbesfone clientele, an extended list of guidelines to remember when attending that critical job interview.

Great budget phones to get this Christmas. 04 November 2016

We went around asking the technophiles in our office which are the budget devices anyone everyone be getting this Christmas.

How to Ace a Job Interview, Part I 04 November 2016

Picture this: you’re all prepped up for that job interview you finally managed to land after job hunting for the past few months, only to realise you feel uneasy if a tricky question crops up. So how can you escape that foreboding feeling? How can you make yourself confident you’re going to ace that coveted interview, while ensuring you’re going to dodge any awkward questions? Well, luckily for you, Forbesfone has come to the rescue and decided to lend a helping hand to make sure you’re a shoo-i

Planning your holiday: What you should be doing months & weeks before your trip 02 November 2016

We've broken down the months before you travel into what you should be doing and preparing, so you don't get caught on one foot on your travel date!

5 Great Ways to Motivate People in the Workplace 01 November 2016

Surely everyone’s heard of Monday Blues. It’s no surprise that many people are not awfully eager about their joba. So what can you do to gaet your people more engaged, involved and motivated at work? While the usual methods like extravagant raises, bonuses, fun business trips, they involve huge levels of spending. What’s more, even if you did have that kind of money, the excitement and gratitude of said incentives wear off and ultimately still don't get people excited and engaged in their work.

3 Reasons Why Business Travel is so Important 28 October 2016

In this modern and fast-paced day and age where mobile phones and video conferencing are so easily accessible, the need for business travel is questioned by some. Many companies view business travel as an expense and fail to see the benefits it brings – but there are many reasons why business travel is important. Here are some of them:

What should you have in your first-aid travel kit? 28 October 2016

Different climates, lifestyles and food can affect us in more ways than one – and not always positively. That’s why it is essential to pack your own first aid kit if you’re travelling, more so if it’s a long trip.

14 Curriculum Vitae No Nos 26 October 2016

Whether it’s including redundant information or poor formatting, to outdated fonts and irritating slogans, hiring managers receive CVs of every kind for each position. Here's how not to mess up the mere six seconds spent on a manager’s initial “fit/no fit” decision of your CV.

A worthy replacement: The Huawei Mate 9 21 October 2016

Ready to ditch your Note 7 but not willing to get Apple? Here’s what you should get.

Giving the iPhone and Note 7 a RUN for their money. 21 October 2016

How Huawei’s New Processor, The Kirin 960, Is Set To Outrun Other Processors’ Speeds.

What to Take on a Plane: The Ultimate List of Carry-On Essentials 20 October 2016

Sometimes, no matter how often you travel, you might still find yourself panicking over packing everything important. Even though you know the basics, you might still be struggling to think of what you’ve forgotten. To help you out, Forbesfone has prepared a list of things to take on a plane:

3 Tools To Help You Find Your Lost Phone Easily 18 October 2016

Running late but can't find your phone? Try using one of these tools next time.

Perfecting Your Presentations Skills 18 October 2016

To give an effective presentation, you need to keep it concise, sharp and flowing. If you end up reading the PowerPoint slides aloud, then that’s your ticket to earning the dreaded blank or hostile looks from your audience. Below are some tips and tricks Forbesfone wanted to share with you, to help avoid frequent traps many presenters get ensnared in.

Is it Possible to Keep Fit While Travelling by Plane? 12 October 2016

We are adamant believers of following a healthy regime and keeping fit here at Forbesfone, which is why we’ve come up with some exercises you could practise to ensure you stay limbered up on board. So instead of contemplating about whether your Business Sim Card will afford you the leisure of making those important conference calls while travelling on business (don’t worry it will!), we thought we could help you focus on fitness in flight.

Reasons to Have an International Travel SIM 12 October 2016

Whether you’re a business traveller, a student, an adventurer, or simply love to travel the world, there are several benefits that come with using an international travel SIM. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re going - here are some of the things you can benefit from.

See More, Plan Less. This is Google Trips 05 October 2016

“Helping consumers when they’re actually at their destination” Google launches its travel product, and we LOVE it!

Travelling with kids: 8 tips for survival 05 October 2016

Travelling with little people can be slightly daunting. Prone to volatile desires, rapidly degenerating interests and constant whining when they think life is being unfair, kids do need extra planning.

Business Travel Tips for the First Time Traveler 04 October 2016

So you’ve reached a new stage within your company: Your first business trip in a foreign country. Sure it’s exciting, but it’s also pretty daunting, so Forbesfone has put together some helpful business travel tips to get you started on your preparations.

The Google Pixel launch: Here's all you need to know. 03 October 2016

A UK retailer, Carphone warehouse, leaked full listings for the two anticipated Google phones: the Pixel and the Pixel XL. Are we excited?

The Rise and Fall of BlackBerry 03 October 2016

It’s the end of an era. Even if you’re a die-hard Blackberry fan, it comes to no surprise that Blackberry recently announced it will no longer be making new phones. Once upon a time the biggest smartphone maker in the world, it has now ceased phone production. Blackberry has announced that it will stop designing them itself, and will instead outsource that development to partners.

Business Travel: Understanding Different Cultures 30 September 2016

One thing that’s very important for people who travel a lot, no matter for what reason, is the ability to understand and adapt to different cultures.

How to Reduce the Effects of Jetlag 30 September 2016

Jetlag is an almost unavoidable repercussion when travelling to countries with different time zones, over a short span of time.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy 28 September 2016

The phrase “work-life balance” has often been tossed around to the extent that it’s almost become meaningless. Somewhat of a vague, distaant goal most claim to strive towards, it all boils down to setting down priorities. It’s easy to lose sight of the value of a meaningful life outside work, some even view it as an impairment to professional achievement.

Electronics on a Plane: Why We Turn Them Off 23 September 2016

It’s all part of the routine: You get on the plane, find your seat, get your things organized, and send messages, browse social media, and possibly take a few selfies until the pre-flight announcement begins.

Could the rush to outmanoeuvre Apple be the reason why Samsung had to recall its Note 7? 19 September 2016

There was more to the Samsung 2.5 million Note 7 recall than meets the eye. Here's the latest + how to check whether your Note 7 is safe and what to do if it isn't.

What Does Your Phone Say About You? 19 September 2016

Did you know that a survey has been conducted to determine whether the choice of mobile phone actually highlights certain traits and characteristics about you? We think it’s too good not to share. Here goes…

What’s in store for the next iPhone? 19 September 2016

Christened as the iPhone 8, next year's Apple release might be way more superior than what was released this year. Needless to say, since iPhone's celebrates its 10th anniversary next year, fans expect Apple to come up with the best iPhone ever. As avid technophiles, Forbesfone wanted to investigate these hearsays further…

6 Tips On Staying Safe When You Travel 16 September 2016

We’re listing cautionary tips, so you’ll always remember your trips with a smile. Yes, even the ones you’d rather not repeat for the umpteenth time. We’d rather have you bored, but safe.

6 of the strangest AirBnB listings. 14 September 2016

Think your last room was odd with its Hello Kitty wallpaper? Think again. We’ve gathered the strangest listings on AirBnB for those of you in need of a totally different scene.

Apple’s New AirPods: Yay or Nay? 14 September 2016

Apple’s provocative stunt of killing the headphone jack from the most popular tech product in history was accompanied by its equally controversial accessory to go along with it – the AirPods. Needless to say, when it comes to anything mobile-related, Forbesfone was intrigued to find out more to fill you in on the scoop.

The importance of practising good work ethics 14 September 2016

Ethics is one of the most fundamental components to a successful workplace and mastering its technique is indispensable.

Mobile global provider Forbesfone and the RC44 Championship Tour prepare for the Cascais Cup. 13 September 2016

As Official Telecoms Supplier to the RC44 Championship Tour, Forbesfone’s global mobile services will once again provide GPS tracking via TracTrac for racing at the RC44 Cascais Cup in Portugal, from the 21 – 25 September.

Rebooting your iPhone 7 13 September 2016

Rebooting your iPhone has a slightly different procedure now. Taking a screenshot? It's pretty much the same

LG Reveals its Cutting-edge V20 Smartphone 07 September 2016

Offering a 5.7-inch display complemented with a metal body and replaceable battery, the V20 offers upgraded features from its precursor, including dual rear cameras, audio playback capabilities and improved photo and video functions.

The 10 types of travellers. Which one are you? 07 September 2016

From the guy who travels far but still wants to feel at home, to the spiritual guru who is out to get in touch with nature’s mystical vibes – you’ll probably find yourself in one or the other… [PS. We’re hoping you’re not a complainer. No one likes a complainer. Especially a complainer on holiday.]

Ways to Keep Yourself Busy During Your Flight 07 September 2016

We all know that the least pleasurable part of travelling is the flight and the waiting that comes with it, and when you have to fly regularly for business purposes, it tends to become quite tedious.

3 Helpful Tips for when your iPhone is giving you SIM Card Problems 05 September 2016

If your iPhone is prone to give you SIM Card errors, fret not. You’re not alone. Apple’s line of smartphones is known to give users frustrating errors when they insert a new SIM card, but thankfully most of the issues can be solved with a very quick fix.

Things Other Passengers Do That Drive Us Crazy 30 August 2016

Travelling is a beautiful thing. It provides us with experiences and knowledge that can’t be gained otherwise, but we all know that the worst part of it all is the flight.

€10 for worldwide roaming. 10 reasons to love us. 30 August 2016

Why should you buy a Forbesfone prepaid roaming SIM? We’ve listed 10 reasons why we think you would love our service. $10 for ten!

The Top Must-Have Foods From Around the World 29 August 2016

There’s nothing like fuelling your body with a great meal after a long flight or business meeting, and one of the many beauties of travel is the versatility it offers in so many aspects, such as food.

Booking Flights for Your Business Trip: Non-Stop, Direct or Connecting 23 August 2016

When a person travels a lot, particularly for business reasons, it is highly important that they know how to go about choosing the best flights possible.

Smartphone Etiquette: The Dos and Don’ts 18 August 2016

It’s an undeniable fact that nowadays smartphones have become omnipresent, many people feel lost without them and treat their phone as if it were an extended limb.

The new iPhone 7: What do we know so far? 18 August 2016

What do we know about the anticipated iPhone 7 so far? And will it really be delayed? We give you leaks and rumours we've come to know so far.

Balancing work and play? It is achievable. 17 August 2016

Although it may seem daunting, balancing work and freetime is essential. The team at Forbesfone proposes a couple of measures to help you find that sweet spot.

Living on the Edge: Samsung’s Edge Screen Features 17 August 2016

We all like to have an attractive mobile phone, but there’s nothing better than a pretty phone with extra cool features that come with the nifty design.

Update: Google suspends Project ARA, the modular smartphone concept. 17 August 2016

Modular Smartphones: what's happening and what should we expect from players such as Google, LG, Motorola and the rest.

Apartments & Business Trips: A terriffic combination 16 August 2016

Ever thought of booking your own apartment on business travels? If not, we’ll give you enough reasons to evaluate this option too on your next trip.

The Benefits Of An International SIM 11 August 2016

Our reputation here at Forbesfone is that of a global mobile operator that offers the best packages to international business travellers.

10 Tips on Keeping your Mobile Device Safe while Travelling 09 August 2016

We are surrounded by cyber threats but we’re at our most vulnerable when we’re abroad. Most of us go on a WiFi hunting spree and we’re so happy when we manage to find one which is free, that we don’t stop to think whether it could just be bait. follow the tips below for safer mobile travels!

Top Apps to help you maintain a healthy regime when abroad 08 August 2016

As a general rule, watching what you eat and keeping fit sounds like common-sense advice, but while travelling abroad, this suddenly becomes a much more difficult feat, considering the wide range of tantalizing foods each country has to offer. It's very easy to lose track of your healthy regime when you're immersed in a new world of gastronomy. Luckily, you needn’t opt for complicated calorie counting books, you just need to find the app that best suits you.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 – unveiled. 03 August 2016

The Samsung third flagship smartphone, the Galaxy Note 7 was unveiled yesterday in New York, amid rumours of this model following the S7 path, rather than the Note 5’s.

The “Mobilympics” – How Mobile is shaping & defining the games at Rio de Janeiro this year. 02 August 2016

The Olympic Games in London in 2012 were the first of their kind to board the Social Media wagon with its real-time dynamics. In just 4 years, the media scene has changed drastically yet again, with the emergence of new features and the ascendance of platforms which were still fledglings 4 years ago.

Top Places to Visit When Travelling Abroad 02 August 2016

Whether you’re going on a business trip with a bit of time to spare or you’re touring the world because you simply love to travel, you must make it a point to visit some of the world’s most astonishing wonders.

Restless Genes: Why Some Of Us Were Born To Travel 28 July 2016

There are many who choose to live from one trip to another, who are only happy when they have a string of travel plans lined up. The interim between travels is just a warm up for when the action really happens: buying the flight ticket and boarding a plane. Some of us feel the need to travel like it was some sort of addiction, a craving we need to satisfy sooner, rather than later. We do not remember a time when we were any different.

Tips and Tricks for the Sightseeing Tourist 28 July 2016

When travelling for leisure, one of the best activities to include in your holiday itinerary is sightseeing. Discovering new and exciting places is one of the joys any traveller should appreciate.

The Ultimate Guide to packing for your Business Trip 25 July 2016

When travelling on a business trip, you always want to make sure you’re ahead of the game and have everything you need on the ready, not only to feel well equipped, but also to make a good impression on your existing and new business partners.

6 Things We've Learnt From Pokemon GO 19 July 2016

Many of us remember Pokemon airing on screen in the late 90s. Even then, the fad was huge, with anything and everything riding on its popularity to sell merchandise. Despite this, it still wasn’t half as popular as what the game Pokemon Go is today. So what changed?

Travelling on a Business Trip? Don’t worry, Forbesfone has got you covered! 19 July 2016

Our vision here at Forbesfone is to offer great deals to business travellers worldwide who want a stress-free package, with modest rates and superior business services.

Cast Off With Forbesfone And The RC44 Class 12 July 2016

Forbesfone brings you closer to the RC44 Championship Tour!

Forbesfone Just Got Friendlier 06 July 2016

You’re about to travel and you’ve shopped around for the best data roaming solution there currently is on the market. You’ve stumbled on the Forbesfone Global SIM – a prepaid international roaming SIM, with great coverage in more than 220 countries (that’s more than you intend to travel to, but you never know).

5 Cool Mobile Travel Gadgets You Need To Get Your Hands On 28 June 2016

Are you travelling with your Smartphone? Of course you are. You’ve probably booked your entire trip with it and, unless you really want to zone out, you’d go bonkers without it. We’ve rounded up some cool gadgets we think will compliment your trusty device nicely. Which ones would you consider taking with you?

Become a Reseller 22 June 2016

Forbesfone, partner of one of the most trusted brands in business Forbes LLC, is one of the fastest growing networks on the market.  Our coverage in 220+ countries offers the best data roaming rates worldwide.


The Forbesfone global services will allow for live GPS to track every event of this international yachting circuit via TracTrac. Fans from all over the globe will therefore be able to enjoy the races, wherever they are based.

Travelling with your Boss: 10 Things We Want You To Know 15 June 2016

Where travelling is concerned, it’s very easy to adopt a more relaxed stance.  It’s a break from routine and a chance to see and do something differently and it usually implies. However, as many business travellers can attest, it’s not the case when you’re travelling for work. Yes, it’s a break from routine – but that’s about it. Think of it as a temporary relocation of your office.

8 Ways To Simplify Your Travels 08 June 2016

We like to be really  thorough in our travels and stress is not really part of our vocabulary. Which is why we've come up with a more detailed list of things you can adopt to ensure simpler, more hassle-free travels. You can thank us later.

The final showdown: International SIMs vs Local SIMs 31 May 2016

We’ve been hinting for some days now about why you should go for an international SIM when you’re travelling. Today we’re here to back up our claims with a more in-depth look into why The Forbesfone International SIM card should be your only choice for a mobile phone operator when you’re travelling.

Scared of running out of credit when abroad? Don’t be. Here’s what you should do. 18 May 2016

You’re in a foreign country, walking through an area you’re pretty sure you’ve never been in, with the growing feeling that you might just be lost. It’s very late too, no one is around and you’re starting to regret having stayed for the last 2 drinks. 

Save More On Your Data By Following These 10 Easy Tips 22 April 2016

It’s never a question of how much data you or your company can afford to have (and waste). It’s a question of needing data in a crucial moment, and finding you had all but wasted it away. Never fear, the Forbesfone team is here with a list of tips to help you maximize on your data plan.

Why Do We Travel? 22 April 2016

It is a generally acknowledged fact that man is intrinsically curious. Leave him alone with an unattended box and its mysterious presence will, very slowly, start driving him insane – until, unable to do otherwise, he peers inside. Sounds almost like a mythological tale, doesn’t it?

Let The Machines Do The Talking 19 April 2016

Buildings, trucks, cars, yachts, appliances, vending machines, heart monitors and practically any other device you can think of can today be connected and monitored remotely. 

WhatsApp Offers End-To-End Encryption To 1 Billion Users. Here's Why You Should Care. 07 April 2016

WhatsApp hits the headlines once more and this time it’s not embroiled in a self-executed faux pas. The international App is offering its 1 billion user end-to-end encryption with its latest update, engaging the entire world in a previously stirred debate involving digital security and privacy.

15 Reasons Why You Should Own a Forbesfone WiFi Pebble 06 April 2016

Did you get hold of a Forbesfone Pebble WiFi device? If you haven't, we're here to convince you why you should.

7 Tips To Help You Stay Connected When Travelling 24 March 2016

Checking our smartphones has become so commonplace that we do it subconsciously and without really needing to.

Tired Of Looking For A WiFi Hotspot Whilst Travelling? Problem Solved, With Forbesfone. 17 March 2016

If you’re a frequent traveller, you’re very often leaving the comfort of accessible WiFi at home or at the office. You are probably constantly hunting for WiFi hotspots in hotel lounges, cafés or public places, and the reality is that “free” connections are painfully bad. Downloading emails, making video-calls, or even simple browsing becomes a challenge. 

10 Tips on How to Survive Long Haul Flights 16 March 2016

The alarm clock rings and you switch it off with a tap. After 10 minutes of lethargic stretching, you realise you’ll be late if you don’t step it up. So you do, rushing from one room to another collecting last minute items, misplacing your passport 3 times, brushing your teeth with one hand and putting on your socks with the other. Your taxi gets stuck in traffic and when you do get to check in, loaded with your 2– weeks-worth of luggage, you’re out of breath and have just remembered you left th

Re-Use your old Android device in 9 easy ways. 09 March 2016

While it may have forgone its reselling days, there’s still hope. You’d be pleasantly surprised to know that it can still offer much because, whether you believe it or not, it’s definitely still capable of being a great smart device. Here are some intriguing ways how you can put your Android to good use once more.

The Best Travel Apps for 2016 17 February 2016

Much can be said about the effects of technology on our travels (even we pitched our thoughts about it here).

The Mobile Dating World 19 January 2016

Hinge, Skout, SinglesAroundMe, Grindr, Tinder, Happn, Wingman, OkCupid, Charms – Perhaps one of these apps can help formulate our answer. 

OT Supports the Newly Created MVNO Forbesfone’s International Development with Delivery of SIM Cards and Tailor-Made Services 14 January 2016

Oberthur Technologies (OT), a leading global provider of embedded security software products, services and solutions was selected by the newly created MVNO, Forbesfone, a partner of the internationally renowned Forbes magazine, to become their unique provider of both mobile products and services.

3 Questions To Ask When Buying A Mobile Phone 12 January 2016

When it comes to “what” device, we find that the best way to go about it is to ask ourselves, “why”, “how” and “how much” first. Going for the most expensive device on the market simply because people are saying it is the “best” doesn’t mean it is thebest choice.

How Mobile is driving better Healthcare 05 January 2016

Harnessing the power of mobile into better healthcare is becoming a reality, a tangible and present equivalent of the old saying “Prevention is better than Cure”. 

The BookWorm's Guide to Travelling No.3: BookShops 24 December 2015

The fact that Travels and Books go so well together should come as no surprise. To the creative mind, they're like bread and butter.

What type of Business Traveller are you? 18 December 2015

Have you ever had to travel for work or know people who have? Have you realised how some people seem to constantly complain about it while others see it as a treat?

When one Cell Phone may not be enough... 09 December 2015

Smartphone ownership has passed its 2 billion mark and the novelty of owning one has long worn off. However, our lifestyle has given rise to a new phenomenon. Today, work and home have become increasingly blurred. 

How Mobile affects Sleep - the hard facts. 26 November 2015

It has almost become part of a routine. We get in bed, reach out for our mobile phone, set the alarm and then, on a whim, check our Emails or Social Media. 

AirBnB for Business Travel? It could just work.. 20 November 2015

AirBnB has taken the travelling world by storm. Numbers speak for themselves: 600,000+ listings worldwide (and counting) and with a valuation of $10 billion, their founders have come a long way from not even affording rent in 2007. 

The BookWorm's Guide to Travelling No.2: Book Choosing 12 November 2015

The fact that Travels and Books go so well together should come as no surprise. To the creative mind, they're like bread and butter.

Tomorrow's Cities Today: The SmartCity 27 October 2015

As people leave rural towns to find jobs in urban settings where opportunities are ripe, cities need to be more responsive and smarter in ways which facilitate the citizen.

How has technology facilitated our travelling? 22 October 2015

Ninety-one percent of adults have their mobile phone within arm’s reach every hour of every day. This means that it is the single most used possession, more than our wallets, keys or wristwatches. 

The BookWorm's Guide to Travelling No.1: BookPacking 20 October 2015

The fact that Travels and Books go so well together should come as no surprise. To the creative mind, they're like bread and butter.

What do PARIS,RIO & BEIJING have in common? 19 October 2015

Rio, Paris, Beijing. If we had to pin them on a map, we'd form a rather skewed triangle crossing oceans, continents, time zones and multitudes of countries.

The Forbesfone Travelling Tips Part 3 16 October 2015

Whether you’re a frequent business flyer, or one who simply enjoys leisure getaways as often as possible, these tricks will see you through your journey in the best of moods. 

The Morning Routines of Frequent Travellers 16 October 2015

For many of us, mornings are always difficult to deal with. Add frequent travelling to the mix and you could be facing a Herculean task every morning. Mornings have the ability to make or break the rest of the day.

India: Exotic, Diverse and increasingly Mobile 15 October 2015

India's technology growth curve has seen a dramatic spike in the past decade.  What we are seeing is the jump from a $4 billion industry in 1998 to a $109 billion dollar industry in 2013. This solid network saw smartphone sales grow by 40% year on year with a forecast of 118 million sales in 2015 and 174 milllion in 2017 - making it the second largest smartphone market after China and ahead of the US. 

Breakfast around the world 12 October 2015

Here's how the most important meal of the day looks like around the globe.