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Bring Your Ideas Together

Forbesfone's Conference Calls
Organising conference calls is key in today's business world as one quick call can accomplish so much in no time. Forbesfone's conference calls will make your life easier whilst being on the move. You can now keep your colleagues and business partners updated in no time and at a fraction of the cost. 

How can I make a Conference Call?

You simply need to log in to your Forbesfone account and activate your FREE service from the services section. Forbesfone will provide you with your personal credentials; conference bridge number, admin PIN and guest PIN. 
You then need to select and dial a number from the list below, after which you will be prompted to follow these two simple steps:
  • Input your conference bridge number
  • If you have been called into a conference call, dial your guest PIN. Alternatively, if you are the leader of the conference call, dial your admin PIN. A conference call will only start once the leader of the call is present. 
Start using Forbesfone's conference calls and brainstorm away with a group of up to 30 participants. It's affordable, simple and comfortable.