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What will you use while travelling
Mobile Internet Only
$ 10
€/$ 10 FREE credit in your Forbesfone account
Rates at €0.09/$0.11 per MB in 50+ countries
One SIM, 190+ countries
Check our data rates in
Learn More About The DataPLAN

The Forbesfone DataPLAN Includes:

• 3-in-1 standard, micro & nano SIM
• €10/$10 worth of credit to be used on Mobile data worldwide 

• UK number (+44) 


• No Contracts! 

• Forbesfone DataPLAN from only €0.09/$0.11 per MB in over 50 countries 

• Auto top-up feature available for a worry free service 

• Top-up credit lifetime of 365 days

• Worldwide coverage in 190+ countries 

• 24/7 dedicated customer support

• Delivery direct to your desired destination 

WITH $/€ 10 YOU CAN: 

• Send or receive 160,000 plain emails; or

• Send or receive 350 emails with attachments; or

•  Browse over 100 websites; or

•  Call over Skype for 55 minutes;or
•  Listen to your favourite music channel for 3 hours; or

•  Use navigation apps for 34 hours; or

•  Download over 60 HD photos; or

•  Post 700 times on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram; or

•  Watch Youtube in HD for 30 minutes