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Forbesfone M2M Solutions
Transforming Your Business Assets Into Smarter Machines
The role of the Forbesfone international SIM in Machine to Machine systems is to optimize the process, providing your assets with a truly global reach and making them work better for you. We can tailor packages suited for every industry, designed to scale accordingly.

If you’re interested in our solutions, get in touch with us and tell us what your business requirements are. We’ll take care of the rest and get back to you with a suitable business package.

Take the lead and watch your business grow with the Forbesfone M2M solutions.

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Machine to Machine Communication Solutions

  • Monitoring and Control
Monitoring an Control
Automate processes in almost any device and control your usage based on data and information collected, providing you with a clear business roadmap. Since data is sent over in real-time, this also adds a layer of security, enabling timely action when needed.
  • Asset Tracking and Telematics 
Asset tracking an telematics
Prevent loss of assets and reduce downtime in constantly moving M2M. Track and locate by using the combined force of positioning technologies (GPS) and telecommunications.
  • Usage Based Insurance
Usage Based Insurance
    Track vehicles and let them provide you with contextual data and in-depth knowledge to help you price your insurance policies better.
    • Connected Retail Markets
    connected retail markets
      Manage your retail applications more effectively by monitoring stock closely and in real time. Record drops in temperature and monitor applications for maintenance requirements.
      • Energy Levels Management 
      Energy levels maintenance
        Record your energy levels and equip yourself with the knowledge to work just as efficiently, while consuming less. Reduce downtime with real-time energy consumption updates and optimize your smart machines to incur minimal wastage of energy costs. 
        Machine to Machine Industries 
        • Healthcare 
          Home bound patients can trigger alarms and send data through sensors which doctors can remotely monitor, helping to save lives as well as costs.
          • Logistics
            Keep tabs on your assets at every stage of the supply chain, helping you meet deadlines or plan different outcomes accordingly.
            • Automotive
              Manage your fleet even in areas with limited network connectivity, monitor fuel consumption, keep a closer eye on maintenance requirements and automate and personalize in-car entertainment. 
              • Retail
                Connect with your customers through an enhanced point of sale experience. Provide your business with an optimized collection of information from outlets and stores through sensors which trigger automated actions.
                • Energy
                  Real-time information helps reduce costs through minimal wastage and more efficient processes, providing the end customer with a better service.
                  The benefits of M2M solutions can be enjoyed in every industry. These are just a few highlights.
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